The natural gem that was sculpted into a unique piece of art for you. The visual expression of the yoni is what differs each individual. The connection with the most beautiful part of your body starts with adoring it, neutering it, and seeing the beauty behind the curtains. Appreciating the textures and definitions, by painting your work of art onto canvas.


See the visual piece of art your body created for you. 



  • 10x10 Stretched Primed Canvas



  • Brushes 

  • Sculpting Tools

  • Pallet Knifes

Acrylic Paint Tubes


  • Acrylic Paint

  • Textured Mediums

  • Charcoal

  • Herbs

Table Mirror


  • Small Compact Mirror for visual of your Yoni

Supplies Provided

Cracked Rocks

The Yoni is a representation of the goddess Shakti in Hinduism. The Yoni symbol is found all over the world. For the divine procreative energy. 

In this course, the intention to hold space for your Yoni. Settle in by admiring your Yoni's beauty. Discovering the details, textures, colors that is unique to you. Each divine feminine will receive a mirror at the opening of this course. We will lead into a deep meditation. Deepening the connection with your Yoni, studying it, seeing source in a new embrace. 

Untitled design (34).png
Stone Texture

Embrace your newfound self love!

Shed the walls of the past!


After the first phase of meditation, the second round will start. With the canvas and painting materials provided. Prepare to pour all the emotions out into the canvas. Freeing any expectations, trauma, negativity held within the womb space.

Untitled design (42).png
Untitled design (40).png
Untitled design (44).png
Abstract Paint

Hello loves,

       I'll be the instructor for this course. 

My name is Liana, i'm a fine abstract artist that loves diving deep into my emotions and pouring them into my pieces. In a sense is a release and seeing how beautiful every emotion we feel truly is. Trust and connection with yourself, let it all unfold.