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Pleated Fabric

"If we want enlightenment we must do more than clean up our communication cycles and tell our truth. We must also protect people from unwanted contamination. We must let them be free from us. For these goals the "DYAD" was created. The "DYAD" helps one obtain -pure- clean communication without the normally attached abuse. It will allow you to really grow in your own chosen direction and connect to your deep normally hidden self" 

An Interpersonal and Introspective Practice

3D Pink Flower

 A workshop that we will offer at the Wombyns Retreat this equinox.

This workshop will help you to dig deep inside yourself to find you most hidden longings and desires. This reciprocating and seemingly passive communication series will help you develop your voice and vision with the help of a listening ear.

White Sand

A multi-disciplinary cultural anthropologist, deaf specializing speech-language pathologist. Intersectional feminist who immersed her life in all things human, spirituality, yoga 7 years experience. 


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