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The element of fire has been used in spiritual traditions as a signifier of transition and transformation throughout the ages. It’s the element that awakens the sense of inner aliveness is us, the creative process, the trust in the cycles of nature, and connects us to one another.

Fire ceremonies connect us to a force that is strong and inherent within the human body and the universe we live within. It warms, guides, protects, and inspires us to move towards change with faith and enthusiasm.

A fire ceremony can be many things depending on the tradition it emerges from. This ceremony is informed by my own understanding of the forces of nature that support and nourish us as well as my 31 years of yoga practice that involves contemplation and reflection, and personal study in women in Jungian psychology, Goddess symbolism, and Christian mysticism.

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In English the forces of nature will be addressed as we look for support in our personal journeys on the Spring Equinox, which traditionally is the time we acknowledge the seeds we have sown in our mind and hearts, the ones we are cultivating and nourishing, and ones we still need to collect and gather to bring forth for the manifestation of the abundant, creative life we deserve. 

During which time we will offer a collection of seeds, herbs, sugar, and ghee to nourish the fire so she can continue to nourish us. We will acknowledge our needs through writing as we are gathered around the fire and in our own time offering our dreams to the transformative force of the fire with the community of support of like-minded women. 

Poetry and comments around the fire’s importance, the significance of Spring Equinox, and spiritual principles will be threaded throughout the ceremony and conclude with giving thanks.

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Health and Wellness teacher for over 30 years. Her initial experience was in the Health Club industry as a personal trainer and exercise instructor. Her experience in yoga classes in the early 1990’s at the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo led her to make a radical shift in lifestyle and move to the Institute’s educational facility in Honesdale, P.A. where she lived for almost 8 years studying and teaching yoga and Holistic Health.


Julia has a B.A. in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo, is a Certified Yoga Instructor at the Advanced 500 Level, E-RYT500, she also has certification as a Yoga Therapist, a Vishoka Meditation Instructor, and is an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. 

She has training in “Yoga For Disabilities” and has been part of the Universal Design Yoga program at UB since 2009. Her training has led her to work with various able bodied individuals,  wheelchair users, those with vision impairment, those with joint replacements, and people living with Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis,  and Hypertension. Also trained as a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor.


She is the Administrative Coordinator and Senior Teacher for the 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Programs at the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo and has served as an instructor for other teacher training programs in PA and Western NY. She works privately with clients to find the most effective method of yoga practice and lifestyle methods to fit their unique needs and abilities.


Julia Kress