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"Cultural ideologies are embodied within choreographic movement; costume and set design; emotional content and personal aesthetic. Sacred Dance spectators and participants are invited to yearn for a pure dynamic expression of themselves."

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'Stated within the passage Incalculable Choreographies is a quote that relates to the eternal removal of plot.'

“The dancer’s physical body whose movement constructs a presence as well as continual absence…powerful in the midst of its own erasure… at the very moment that these meanings are displaced, another current of meaning is constituted by the very act of moving… This process of making (presence) in the midst of unmaking (absence) allows for an intricate layering of visual, kinesthetic, and cultural meanings in which bodies, sexualities, and identities can begin to restage the terms of their alliance.”

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Sacred Dance Inquiry poses the following :

  • What do we choose to represent?

  • How do we embody meaning through movement?

  • How do we rebel against set labels and definitions through transitory representations of bodies?

Each question posed within the context of movement, can immediately transition into another question without a thought on how to answer or interpret what was originally portrayed. All one can do is create and recreate story lines for all that Movement/Transition portrays. New questions and new answers continue to emerge. When the "show" is watched through the lens of how to be a body in transit, the audience member can feel what it is to embody inquiry.To be alive is to be in constant motion, the style of dance we choose at different points in our life comprise our subject position

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Our Act.
Dance then, is body, 
Dance is personhood,
Dance is culture,
Dance is language, 
Dance is writing, 
All that IS in this Sacred Illusion is Dynamism - Our Universe.
The One Song.

Albright, Anne C. (1997). Incalculable Choreographies. In: Choreographing Difference. Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT, pp. 93–118.'
-Madison Bugman

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A multi-disciplinary cultural anthropologist, deaf specializing speech-language pathologist. Intersectional feminist who immersed her life in all things human, spirituality, yoga 7 years experience.