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Women, Sex and Shame I want to talk to you about compassion. About the sanctity of explicitly vulnerable and honest connection. About letting our suffering hold the power for our healing.

Most of my life I’ve paid attention and watched these boundaries men and women enforced around girls— these insignias of shame. Women keep breaking through boundaries only to see recycled limitations being put into place and held back together with shame. We won’t let our blood and tears be the glue anymore. It's time to strip off our shame. 

My work "See Me", was created with the intent to explore the fissures of the divine connection of the masculine and feminine.

Culture’s toxicity towards women and sex can be undone only by connecting and sharing stories without wearing those experiences as a badge of failure. Progress is to understand that forward together, requires a connection of our individual story to our mother’s story and your neighbor’s story and to the stories of all the women and people who have felt shame before me and after us… A collective warning of how in the cultural perception of my failings I see shame’s failings as well, and how I want to grow together.


The Trinity Of Blame

Black Water

Born again, and again, and again

From the womb to the tomb if that is the experience of life and birth occurs only at the outset then I cannot explain the evolution of life as I have experienced it as I have seen it experienced. The womb he came from is his mothers, but the place of rest and growth in this world has not been her body and that’s where the confusion often lies. 

The womb is not only a physical space but a memory that lives in our bodies the skin is soaked with its contents and absorbs them and is created by them and we carry our womb within us and on the shell. We are born, but not only once. We are born in pain, we are born in pleasure we are born in the moments we feel the Creator and cleanse ourselves in the liquid of the womb of God.

The tub we cry in and relax in and fuck in. I’m sorry for my language if it feels crude and uncaring, but it’s a statement of witness not vulgarity. Here he is born again and again and again and maybe he does not even know just as the child sees only the new light the new faces and sensations. Maybe the mother is the witness and we cannot believe the realities she sees unfurl because the liquid of birth is still in our eyes. 


Le-Hitapech, “a Hebrew verb describing ALL different forms of shifting from one situation to the complete opposite of it. In other words, this Hebrew verb means ‘to turn inside out’ or ‘to turn upside down’, ‘reverse’ or ‘turn backward’ and it is found in the Hebrew verb group (‘Binyan'{בנין}) which indicates ‘a process.”

The account of Genesis tells us in it’s original Hebrew, that when Adam and Eve were dispelled from the Garden of Eden, “that the ‘cherubim’ are holding a sword which is made out of some kind of a supernatural fire and this sword is found in a constant state of shifting – upside down, inside out and back and forth.” Fire as man’s great discovery, as improvement. Or is it too distraction and chaos? Fire makes a spectacle as does man’s great concentration of language. Whomever controls the fire has power and so too with narrative. The language of even our origin tales tell us that woman is chaos. She must be one side of a dichotomy of Apollonian versus Dionysian sainthood. Remixing tradition decriminalizes Eve. Asks us to look at the ethos of Eden and the temptation of the serpent. The snake is a symbol of transformation and wisdom without whom we never would have been born. If we can step outside the narrative of dichotomy we can take those we’ve shunned back into the fold as they once were. The snake a symbol of transformation and wisdom (without whom we never would have been born), the woman who in facing death chose knowledge chose to be a creator and pleasure a topic needing further discussion that may move us forward and still back to the tree of life.




love how it’s soft and yet powerful and most times those words aren’t interchangable but here it’s put together very nicely


Seeing Past Le-Hitapech

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Abstract Surface

I continue to advocate the next step in feminist activism as being an institutionalized effort towards ungendering and reconstructing power narratives.

I’m currently working through several visual mediums, with the theme of Remembering and Seeing, in order to elucidate the cognitive structure of patriarchy we have been forced to internalize. Our honesty and vulnerability is our resistance.

A poet, artist, former sex worker and mother. I have been a long time advocate for women's equality and empowerment. I have spent a majority of both my adolescent and adult life organizing resistance against the stigmas assigned to women. Beginning at age 16, I cofounded, Lady Business, in 2013, a woman’s collective to come together and share the stories of mutual pain and admiration.


Now 8 years later, under the name Impact Crew, it has since evolved and externalized its mission with new young women taking up the reigns and creating change for refugees through fundraising and community involvement.



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