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Together, we co-create a unique, judgement-free, safe confidential container for Wombyn to come as they are, to remember who they are, where they will be fully seen, heard and appreciated.

We support one another as we heal and deepen our connections to ourselves, to our truth, our power, courage, strength, confidence, passion, and purpose.

We empower one another as we share our stories; our experiences and wisdom.

We learn from one another and we teach one another. 
We embrace each other no matter where we are at on our journeys, no matter where we have come from.

We gather around sacred fires and in circles as we did in ancient times, to dance, laugh, cry, scream, and express ourselves fully and unapologetically. 


A safe, inclusive, highly sacred space created by the Wombyn of Buffalo.

We honor and offer healing to our womb spaces and yonis. We share the wisdom of our ancestors, plant medicine, and honor Earth's cycles. We celebrate the bond we have with our moon cycles, our ancient mysteries, our connection to creation, life and death.

We explore and deepen our connection to our breath and the power and possibilities that it holds.
We lean into our connections to spirit, our intuition, our gut feelings, our angels and guides, to the divine

In this space, we honor our ancestors, the women who have come before us and the women who will come after us. 

Each ceremony and circle is unique, protected, and open to all for the highest good. 


We call to the Wombyn, to our sisters who are ready to show up for themselves.The Maidens, the Mothers, the Grandmothers, the Daughters of the Rose, the Crones, the Healers, the Medicine Women, the Witches, the Warriors, the Huntresses and the Gatherers, the Wild Women, the Women who run with the wolves, all of you, those who remember and those who do not, we invite you to this space with infinite gratitude, respect, and love.

We are Buffalo Wombyn. 

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