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The word Yoni is sanskrit and translates loosely to "temple, sacred space, womb, source, origin of creation, abode." Yoni references more than the physical space and makes a connection to the divine power of creation, our Shakti. 

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Words are powerful, each carrying its own energy and meaning. The word vagina has latin roots and translates to "Sheath: place to put your sword." 

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The practice of Yoni Steaming, vaginal steaming, v-steams, whatever you wish to call the practice, is an ancient healing ritual that has the power to significantly and positively impact the Goddess on a deep and intimate level.

Steams are a sacred method of nourishing the womb space on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with the help of plant medicine and intention. 

Our Yoni naturally cleanses and regulates herself, the steam is an act of honoring this process, stimulating the process and supporting your bodies own natural abilities. 

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When we are working with the practice of Yoni Steaming, and any other time we work with herbs and plant medicine, It requires using safety precautions, doing your research, and listening to your intuition. 

It is important to inform your herbalist and yoni steam facilitator with details about what your menstrual cycle is like; the length of your cycle, time between cycles, if you are on birth control, if you think you might be pregnant, or you are currently bleeding.


*Do not steam when actively bleeding or when pregnant.

After a steam, you may notice changes in menstrual cycle and/or changes in vaginal discharge. This is normal and your body working with the plant medicine.

Powerful emotions often arise during a steam; if you need someone to talk to or hold space for you afterwards please reach out.  I am always here sister. 

Steams are a powerful practice; when done too often they can disrupt the natural balance of the body. Personally, I like to steam once a month before my menstrual cycle comes, and whenever I experience trauma to the womb space. 

For a free consultation about your personal practice, contact anytime.

Please use your intuition. Recommended to consult your medical care provider before using herbal medicine, particularly if you have a known medical condition or if you are pregnant or nursing.

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For any questions or to schedule a free consultation where we will discuss your womb space and the ancient practice of yoni steaming, please contact.
Gentle blends available for purchase.

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How to Steam:

-Start by boiling a pot of water on the stove. Charge the water with life force energy and positive intention. 

-Once water is boiling, lower heat and add in the herbs you are steaming. Cover with a lid, allow to simmer for a few minutes. 

-Set sacred space in the bathroom. Physically and energetically set the vibe. 

-Put a towel or pot holder on the ground near the toilet or tub (wherever you are going to sit)

-Put the pot of water and herbs on the potholder. Get naked, sit with a blanket wrapped over you to trap in steam. (I sit on the edge of the toilet and hover over the pot.)

-Always test the temperature of the steam first with your hand before exposing your yoni to the hot steam. This is how most injuries happen, from burning self. Be mindful. 

Relax into the space and allow yourself to open.
Speak positive affirmations, journal, journey inwards with your hands on your heart and womb, enjoy the experience.

When the steam is complete, return the water and herbs back to the Earth and give thanks. 

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